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Virtual Office in Portugal

Virtual Office in Portugal

virtual office in Lisbon can be the proper choice for your newly-registered business in Portugal for many reasons, among which, the low expenses compared to a traditional office. Our team of company formation agents in Portugal can offer registration services for local and foreign investors and can provide you with complete information about the virtual office packages which are at your disposal at any time. Also, we can manage the registration process for your company in Portugal.

 Quick Facts  
  Who can benefit from virtual office services?

Investors who want to expand their businesses/ open startups

Purpose of a virtual office

Office-related services


Facilities of a virtual office

– mail collection and forwarding,

– call answering and redirecting,

– voice mailbox services etc.

Local business address (YES/NO)


Registered office (YES/NO)


Dedicated fax services (YES/NO)


Timeframe for receiving a virtual office package

Around 24 hours

Collection of bank statements On request
Meeting rooms (YES/NO) Yes
Local phone number (YES/NO) Yes
Dedicated office plan 

 On request

Virtual assistant (YES/NO) Yes
Location rent (YES/NO) No
Work remotely (YES/NO) Yes
Costs of virtual office At a fraction of price compared to a traditional office

What does a virtual office in Portugal comprise?

The virtual office package offered by CompanyFormationPortugal.com contains the following services:

  • a notable business address in Lisbon for a trustworthy and risk-free base for corresponding with customers worldwide;
  • a registered office necessary for opening a company in Portugal;
  • mail collection and forwarding – mail is collected, the packages are signed for and sent to you, in accordance with your directions either by mail or fax;
  • incoming and outgoing faxes – you can benefit from a local fax number and we will collect and send the faxes to you;
  • a local phone number in Lisbon, Portugal – we can provide you a local phone number and offer it to all your contacts and future clients;
  • voice mailbox services – all of your voice messages will be forwarded to you by email, on request.

Contact us if you want a virtual office in Lisbon.

Who needs a virtual office in Portugal?

Any foreign entrepreneur who wants to introduce his/her operations and verify the market before that can solicit virtual office in Portugal. This is a suitable option for small entrepreneurs or for persons who want to act as sole traders on the Portuguese market. We can provide you with a prestigious business office in Lisbon or in any major city in Portugal. Here is an infographic that explains more about the virtual office in Portugal:


Do I have a virtual assistant?

Yes, virtual office in Lisbon come with the support of a virtual assistant who will handle the activities of your firm (calls, faxes, emails, etc.) We mention that our company incorporation specialists in Portugal can act on behalf of your company and more than that, they can provide you with complete information about the virtual office packages in Portugal.

Foreign investors can benefit from the multiple business opportunities in Portugal. If you have on your list the opening of a company in this country, we recommend the services offered by our accountants in Portugal. There are a series of procedures to be implemented in a company, and such outsourced services are much more advantageous compared to an entire department in the company. In addition, our specialists can collaborate with the relevant authorities for the preparation of financial documents and their presentations.

Extra services comprised by a virtual office in Lisbon

  • dedicated fax service with your own private number, on request;
  • call redirecting – we can offer specialized technology which will enable the call redirection to your favorite phone number;
  • collection of bank statements, in accordance with your needs or request;
  • extra usage of the conference room for future meetings with your collaborators or clients.

Why should I buy a virtual office in Portugal?

Many young entrepreneurs deciding on business in Portugal are interested in acquiring a virtual office package, especially if a specific budget is involved as minimal costs compared to the ones of a traditional office. A virtual office package may address the type of businessmen who would rather make a market verification and analysis before implementing the activities they want to develop in Portugal.

You should ask for information about the virtual office services you can receive in Portugal and then decide on the direction of your business before anything else. Feel free to discuss such aspects to our team of consultants and solicit broad details in this matter. You can also watch a video presentation that explains the main benefits of a virtual office in Portugal:

Who can purchase virtual office services in Portugal?

There are no restrictions in this sense, meaning that anyone looking for a business start in Portugal may firstly ask for virtual office services. Both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs are invited to ask about virtual office services in Portugal and have an idea about the business field they want to activate. It is important to analyze the sector of interest before going on the market and establish a traditional office.

There are many young entrepreneurs who would rather avoid for the moment opening a company with a traditional office and instead, asking for a virtual office in Lisbon that comes with a series of advantages. Are you looking for a fast start on the business market in Portugal and you need help? Details about the company formation in Portugal and the business regulations you need to understand can be provided by our team of company incorporation specialists in Portugal. We are at your disposal with assistance in opening a company in Portugal, and we can also provide you with accounting services on request.

Are there any extra services for my business?

Yes, you can solicit bank collection statements and tell us what to do further in this matter. With the help of top technology in telecommunication, our virtual office in Lisbon comprise dedicated fax and telephone services in accordance with your requests. If you are interested for the first time in the business field in Portugal, it is recommended to direct your attention to virtual office packages and see if they are helpful in your case. Let our team of consultants provide you complete information in this sense and help you choose the proper option for your future business in Portugal.

FAQ about virtual office services in Portugal

Do I receive a business address?

Yes, a prestigious business address in Lisbon or in any important city in Portugal is part of the virtual office packages.

Can I receive a local phone number?

Yes, you will receive a local phone number connected to your business in Portugal. Furthermore, if you have a special request, you can also receive a private local number, but please talk to our team for more details in this matter.

Do I need a virtual assistant?

Yes, taking care of the daily activities of your business requires a virtual assistant. He/she will be in charge of phone and fax services, mail forwarding, voice mailbox and many more. A virtual office package has a series of advantages, therefore, do not hesitate to solicit extra details in this sense.

Who can purchase virtual office services in Portugal?

Anyone interested in establishing the business presence in Portugal without the interest of opening a traditional office can solicit and purchase virtual office packages in Portugal. The good news is that there are no particular formalities at the time you want to purchase virtual office packages in Portugal.

Do I get a professional secretary?

Yes, you may ask for professional secretary services and other support teams to take care of the daily tasks among other things.

The collection of bank statements – do I get such services?

Yes, the collection of bank statements is part of the virtual office services you can purchase in Portugal.

Do I receive office facilities?

Yes, our virtual office packages comprise extra usage of meeting rooms and other office facilities on request. Our team is at your service if you would like more details in this matter.

Are virtual office services expensive?

Compared to the costs of traditional offices, the virtual office packages in Portugal are at a fraction of costs, however, you should address your inquiries to our team and ask for a personalized offer.

Do I need to pay rent for virtual office packages?

No, there is no rent payments involved in a virtual office package you can purchase in Portugal.

Why should I buy virtual office services in Portugal?

If you do not want to open a traditional office for your business, and instead want to test the market, it is recommended to buy virtual office services in Portugal.

We invite you to contact our company formation representatives in Portugal for personalized services and complete information about the virtual office in Portugal.