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Open a Website in Portugal

Open a Website in Portugal

The e-commerce business in Portugal is developing in a fast manner and according to statistics for 2016, there are around 3 million people who prefer buying varied items online. This industry generated about EUR 4 billion in the same year and there are numerous investors and small entrepreneurs who decide to set up their businesses online, whether as an addition to their already established company, in order to present the products and services or only for trading activities on the internet. In this matter, a website can be set up considering that in Portugal one can use the .pt domain name. For licenses and special permits in this matter, you may address to our company formation agents in Portugal.

Reserve a name for your website in Portugal

Domains in Portugal are granted by the Foundation for National Scientific Computing. The domain name registration can be done for a minimum one-year validity at the authority mentioned above if the requirements in this matter are fulfilled. Any company in Portugal, whether registered by a local or a foreign entrepreneur can open a website through which the firms’ products and activities can be promoted. Moreover, the businesses with activities in the retail sector can set up websites through which they can present the products for selling purposes. Please consider the following documents when applying for a name reservation for your website in Portugal:

• copies of the owners’ documents;

• the fiscal identification number of the company;

• documents which provide information about the company’s area of activities;

• proof of registration fee payment.

Website requirements in Portugal

When deciding on a website name, one should know that in Portugal it is allowed to register a name of at least 3 characters and a maximum of 63.  A SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate is necessary when opening a website in Portugal, as this document regards the protection of online payments and client data. In other words, a SSL certificate is a proper way to legitimize your future website and guarantee complete privacy regarding credit card information.

Setting up a website in Portugal requires complete attention as there are other important requirements to consider: web hosting, email, payment platforms, DNS (domain name system) management services. In matters of documents and conditions when opening a website in Portugal, we suggest you solicit guidance and information from our specialists in company incorporation in Portugal. We mention that the company registration in Portugal is an easy process and entrepreneurs can start their businesses in a rapid manner, especially if complete assistance is offered by our team. 

Who can open a website in Portugal?

Besides registered companies in Portugal, individuals can open websites for varied reasons: 

• to present their portfolio or services;

• to sell goods.

Please consider that the retail sector requires varied licenses in order to sell products like clothing, equipment, electronics or food.

The content of a website in Portugal

website can be created in varied ways, but one should consider adding information like:

• the description of the company (about us);

• products description;

• payment details;

• contact (phone number, email, social media);

• sitemap.

International investors can collaborate with one of our accountants in Portugal if they want to open a business in this country. We can offer you the payroll, bookkeeping, preparation and submission of annual financial statements, tax registration, and more. You will thus have the guarantee that the company meets all the criteria from an accounting point of view. Therefore, contact our team of specialists for all the information that interests you.

For complete information about how to open a website in Portugal, we invite you to contact our team of local company incorporation agents in Portugal.