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Open an Online Business in Portugal

Open an Online Business in Portugal

Starting an online business in Portugal is not a complicated process for local or foreign entrepreneurs. Plus, the Portuguese authorities sustain online businesses with different advantageous encouragements. First of all, you will need to register a single-member limited liability company or develop your activities as a sole trader in Portugal. But all the details in this direction can be offered by one of our company formation specialists in Portugal.

An online business allows a great level of independency

The business opportunities are huge in Portugal and allow any entrepreneur to choose the type of activities in accordance with his/her needs and plans. An online business in Portugal can be established quite fast, with complete support offered by one of our specialists in company formation in Portugal. Here are some important aspects about how to open an LDA in Portugal, following a few essential steps:

  1. The name of the future business needs to be verified with the Portuguese Trade Register.
  2. The Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association are the main documents of the business.
  3. A local bank account is required for minimum share capital and future financial operations.
  4.  The registration for tax purposes is another important step in LDA formation in Portugal. The tax number is issued by the Portuguese Tax Office.

On the other hand, if this type of business is not suitable for your future activities, you can register a sole proprietorship, another simple business form available in Portugal. This business structure is often chosen for developing the activities online because the owner can do anything he/she wants with the profits as long as the taxes are paid.

The online business in Portugal requires complete attention and extra steps for establishing a website. You can be helped by one of our agents if you want to open a company in Portugal.

Requirements for a website in Portugal

The name of the online business will be the same as the website, so the registration needs to be made after obtaining a Secure Sockets Layer or SSL that shows that customers are protected when making online payments. Plus, the website needs a domain name system (DNS), web hosting, specific programs for online payments which are quite essential right from the start. 

What is the content of an online business in Portugal?

The online business requires complete attention right from the start and a solid plan. These aspects can be discussed with one of our specialists who can help you register and develop an online business in Portugal. An online business must contain:

  1. A short presentation about the business
  2. Information about the products and services offered.
  3. A simple navigation menu that allows customers to easily access what they want.
  4. Prices and payment options.
  5. Delivery methods
  6. Contact details.

The website of the online business can have other information too, depending on the services offered. If you are interested in opening an online business in Portugal, feel free to address your inquiries to our team. We will gladly help you register a company in Portugal, regardless of your operations.

Types of online businesses in Portugal

The business climate in Portugal is quite representative and offers many opportunities in varied fields and sectors. For instance, you can develop an online business dealing with the sale of goods like cosmetics, jewelry, and related accessories, clothes, grocery and more. If you decide on a different business type, you can offer consulting and management services for other companies or even natural persons. Photographers and graphic designers who want to develop their activities in Portugal can start an online business in this direction. 

We present you a few facts and figures about business and economy in Portugal that might attract your attention:

  • • Nearly USD 161 billion represented the total FDI stock in Portugal in 2019.
  • • More than EUR 122 million in terms of FDI came from USA, one of the most representative investors in Portugal.
  • • Foreigners who invest at least EUR 350,000 in Portuguese companies can gain citizenship in 6 years. This is one of the solid Golden Visa programmes offered in Portugal.
  • • The 2020 Doing Business report ranked Portugal 39th out of 190 worldwide economies.

If you would like to open an online business in Portugal, you can contact our team of specialists in company formation in Portugal and discuss further details.