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How to Purchase Shares in a Portuguese Company

How to Purchase Shares in a Portuguese Company

The decision of buying shares in a company established in Portugal is often the choice of international investors interested in extending their portfolios for larger profits. Many companies in Portugal are available for this kind of transaction, with respect to international and local laws, but for more details in this sense, you can talk to one of our company formation specialists in Portugal. Our team of consultants is at your disposal if you would like to open a company in Portugal.

Who can buy stocks in a company in Portugal?

Any entrepreneur looking for investment and profit opportunities in Portugal can purchase company stocks straight from a chosen company or with the help of a direct stock purchase plan. It is good to know that a licensed broker in Portugal can help an investor purchase shares in a company in Portugal. Even an investment advisor can offer the needed support for the type of investors looking for portfolio development. Let us tell you that our team of specialists is at your service if you would like to purchase shares in a Portuguese company by providing the necessary assistance and guidance.

The investment plan for buying shares in a company

It is important to know that a business plan is needed at the time you decide on buying company stocks in Portugal. The following matters are involved in an investment plan and can be explained by licensed brokers or advisors in Portugal:

  • An entrepreneur will have to present the investment purposes at the time a plan is concluded.
  • Tax advice and details about the budget are necessary.
  • The financial plan is the starting point when planning a company share purchase in Portugal.
  • Opening an investment fund is the next thing to do.
  • An investment fund can have a single owner or more, depending on the business target.

Let us remind you that our team of consultants is at your disposal if you are interested in purchasing stocks in a company in Portugal. Also, you can address your inquiries to our team if you want to open a company in Portugal.

What is a direct stock purchase plan?

Companies issuing stocks allow any investor to access the shares as individual investors, with the help of a direct stock purchase plan. It is good to know that such a plan is cheaper compared to the one in which a licensed broker is involved, meaning that there is no need to consider any additional fees. The direct stock purchase plan is often the solution for foreign investors interested in acquiring a small number of shares.

Can I access a dividend reinvestment plan in Portugal?

Yes, you can consider a dividend reinvestment plan if you are the owner of a company and would like to have extra business options. In this case, an investor will not receive any dividends from the company and instead will invest in company shares. Reinvesting the issued dividends into extra company stocks is among the business possibilities a foreign entrepreneur can have in Portugal. Let us tell you more about the options you can have when purchasing company shares in Portugal.

Can I purchase shares in more than just one company in Portugal?

Yes, it is advisable to buy stocks in more than just one company in Portugal, if you are the kind of entrepreneur looking for a risk-free business. Variety is in most cases the key to successful investments in Portugal, especially if you would like to extend more and create a solid portfolio. Investing regularly and deciding on buying company shares are often a great solution for both domestic and foreign businessmen.

Are there any risks when buying company shares?

It is good to bear in mind that there are cases in which investors might be victims of scams, meaning that they are tempted to buy particular shares in a company that doesn’t exist, even if it has an extremely attractive presentation. Non-existent or overpriced company shares that promise high returns will in most cases lead to money loss. This is why you should ask for professional advice when deciding to purchase shares in a Portuguese company, in order to avoid as much as possible any kind of investment fraud that might appear.

About brokers and money managers helping you buy company shares

Purchasing shares in a Portuguese company requires a lot of attention on the financial side and, of course, specialized help. In this sense, it is good to know some information about the experts who can help businessmen buy shares in a company in Portugal, as well as their responsibilities:

  • Money managers at your disposalMoney managers are financial advisors, with the specification that they are highly skilled experts in the field. In most cases, this kind of financial advisor manages large portfolios and can make complete decisions over a customer’s account. Practically, the money manager has the respective accounts in hand and can make business decisions, obviously, in favor of the client. They can recommend company shares acquisitions, with minimal risks. Normally, the fees for this type of financial advisor are not per transaction but on the assets they manage. On the other hand, these financial advisors can deal with assets starting from USD 100,000.
  • Full-service brokers for foreign investors – When you want to buy shares in a company and you want specialized advice, you can opt for full-service brokers or more precisely traditional brokers. They can develop their financial plans, taking into account several aspects, including potential risks, marital status, age, assets, etc. Because they are full-service, they cover a vast area in the financial field, in addition to recommendations in the case of buying shares in a company in Portugal. For example, they can help clients with retirement plans, tax advice, estate planning, and more. On the other hand, the collaboration can be long-term.
  • Discount brokers for specific cases – The information and details that interest you when you want to make investments and properly manage your assets can be provided by a discount broker. He or she has the same experience as a traditional broker, with the difference that there are certain services offered, and fees are affordable compared to money managers. On the other hand, discount brokers can guide you on how to buy shares in a Portuguese company.

Purchasing international shares in Portugal

You have the opportunity to buy international stocks in Portugal and practically access other markets, with the help of a financial advisor. Many prefer to invest in high-quality companies, renowned on the market and which, in this sense, offer minimal financial risks. You can even access dedicated stock platforms in the USA, right from Portugal.

Making investments in Portugal

Those who want to set up a company in Portugal should get an idea about the country’s economy and business climate. Below are some interesting aspects:

  • A GDP growth of around 6.9% was registered in Portugal in 2022.
  • It is expected that the unemployment rate will not exceed 6.5% until the end of 2023.
  • Portugal’s general government balance is foreseen to reach a surplus of 0.8% of GDP, by the end of 2023.

We recommend the services of our accountants in Portugal if you open a company here. It is very important to benefit from specialized help for company incorporation in Portugal.

If you are interested in company formation in Portugal or if you would like to know the procedure for acquiring shares in a company, we kindly invite you to get in touch with our team of company incorporation specialists in Portugal for comprehensive information on these matters.