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Selling Tobacco in Portugal

Selling Tobacco in Portugal

Focusing on varied ways to attract foreign investments in the country, the government in Portugal offers a solid and reputable business environment for all entrepreneurs willing to set up their activities in diverse sectors with huge potential for expansion. As an example, the retail sector in Portugal is one of the most productive divisions where entrepreneurs worldwide can generate easy profits. One can establish tobacco shops or kiosks and benefit from a type of business that continues to grow. In respect to the laws regarding the sale of tobacco in the European Union and considering the internal legislation, our company formation agents in Portugal can help entrepreneurs set up a tobacco shop. Our team can offer support throughout the company registration process in Portugal.

The legal aspects linked to the tobacco products in Portugal

As a state member of the European Union, Portugal functions with the provisions stipulated by the Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU), a solid legislation which addresses to all EU countries in matters of how the tobacco market should legally operate. It is good to know that since 2006, Portugal is a member of World Health Organization and agreed on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

Persons interested in a team of accountants in Portugal can benefit from the support offered by our specialists. We can take care of the procedures related to payroll, audits, bookkeeping, financial planning for company owners, annual financial statements, support for tax registration and many more. We offer complete services, at advantageous prices, but to discover all the details, we recommend you to contact us.

What kind of tobacco shop can you register in Portugal?

Depending on the type of business a foreign or a local entrepreneur wants to establish, there are varied choices through which tobacco products can be sold, such as:

•    importing cigarettes and other tobacco items from the home country in Portugal;

•    opening a tobacco kiosk in the main shopping centers in Portugal;

•    selling tobacco with the help of newspaper stands;

•    selling tobacco in duty-free shops in Portugal’s airports.

A big cigarette factory in Portugal represents the main source for those interested in buying tobacco products. Also, the foreign branches of leading cigarette brands are established for many years in the Portuguese market, being on top choices among suppliers of tobacco productsSelling tobacco in Portugal is a business choice one can consider and can activate with the help of a limited liability company, a suitable and popular entity which can be easily registered.

In matters of company incorporation, we suggest you talk to one of our specialists in company formation in Portugal, so please feel free to contact us for guidance and support.