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Open a Recruitment Company in Portugal

Open a Recruitment Company in Portugal

recruitment company is a suitable type of business in a country like Portugal in which many companies seek for human resource consulting services. When drafting the documents for your recruitment company in Portugal, we remind that it is best to ask for guidance in this concern from our company incorporation agents in Portugal. No matter the type of business you want to establish, our team of advisors can provide you with support.

Steps when opening a recruitment company in Portugal

Small or medium business in Portugal, including the recruitment companies, can be incorporated as private limited companies where a minimum share capital of EUR 5,000 is required. The stockholders can set up recruitment companies as soon as the following steps and conditions are met:

•    verifying and registering the name of the recruitment company;

•    registering for VAT;

•    obtaining the necessary licenses;

•    opening a bank account;

•    hire qualified personnel. 

recruitment company in Portugal can properly start the activities, if all the services provided can be seen and explored via the internet, with the help of a website. Entrepreneurs should consider having a web page once a business enters the market, including a recruitment company in Portugal. One should consider that the company registration in Portugal has been simplified in the past years and can be supervised by our team of agents.

Why open a recruitment company in Portugal?

Recruitment companies in Portugal can help local and foreign businessmen search for suitable and experienced staff once they decide to enter the market. This type of business will work with a large database of applicants, which is why a psychological tactic and complete analysis must be provided before proposing the candidates to any kind of firm in the country. A recruitment business in Portugal should establish from the beginning the area of interest and the domains in which they want to activate, or they can focus on many sectors in the same time. Engineering, IT, communications, tourism, agriculture, finance, or education are domains where the need of skilled workforce is necessary, therefore, companies working in such fields will in most cases ask for the services of a recruitment company in Portugal.

Looking for accountants in Portugal? We have the right team for your business in this country. Thus, you will have the guarantee that all the procedures related to payroll, annual financial statements, bookkeeping, audits, and more are implemented. Those interested can also benefit from the complete administration of human resources or tax minimization methods.

For any type of company you might want to open in Portugal, we suggest you contact our team of company incorporation specialists in Portugal.