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Open a Shop in Portugal

Open a Shop in Portugal

Having a business in Portugal means, besides profits, taking advantage of a stable business climate and the possibility of developing the activities in a reliable manner. International investors can direct the attention to establishing branches or subsidiaries of their firms or can introduce other operations too, depending on their business needs. Opening a shop in Portugal can be a great business idea for small and medium entrepreneurs in this country. Support in company registration can be offered by one of our company formation agents in Portugal.

How to open a shop in Portugal

The first thing to do when starting a business in Portugal is to decide on the structure under which you can operate on the market. The limited liability company or the LDA as it is known in Portugal can be an excellent option for foreign entrepreneurs in this country and that because is a simplified business form and suited for most of the activities. Here are a few steps and details to consider for opening an LDA in Portugal:

  1. The registration of an LDA starts with the Portuguese Trade Register or the Commercial Registry in Portugal.
  2. At least one shareholder can open an LDA in Portugal.
  3. EUR 5,000 is the minimum share capital for opening an LDA in Portugal.
  4. You need to appoint a company representative with a residency in Portugal. One of our agents can represent your firm.
  5. The Articles of Association are the main documents of the firm, with information about the owners, the activities, general rules and many more.
  6. The registration for tax purposes and social contributions is compulsory.
  7. Once the company seal is obtained, you can start business activities in Portugal.

One of our company formation representatives in Portugal can take care of the formalities involved in opening a business in Portugal. They can handle the incorporation with the entitled authorities and take care of the needed documents, special licenses, and permits, plus other requirements.

A name verification before registration

When the company formation in Portugal begins, it is required to make a name verification with the Company Registry and check if your business name for your shop is valid. This is the first step to consider when deciding on opening a company in Portugal and one of our specialists can help you in this matter.

Types of shops you can open in Portugal

The business market in Portugal is diverse and foreign entrepreneurs have varied opportunities in this country. Tobacco shops, supermarkets, small stores to serve communities with daily products, bakeries, grocery shops, coffee shops, newspaper shops, perfumeries and cosmetics, jewelry shops, wine shops and many more can be established in Portugal. It is important to verify all the business aspects of the shop you wish to open and obtain the necessary licenses and permits if any. Our company formation agents can give full support for those interested in opening a shop in Portugal and without a clear picture of the business formation in Portugal. We are at your disposal with guidance and assistance for starting a business in Portugal, regardless of the activities you wish to implement.

Making investments in Portugal

Portugal is open to investments of any kind to entrepreneurs looking to thrive in this country and generate profits in varied sectors. Subsidiaries and branches to community shops, Portugal is home to a vast number of businesses. The legislation related to foreign investments is quite permissive in Portugal and the authorities provide a series of incentives and encouragements to sustain the businesses in this country. Among the benefits of foreign investors in Portugal, we mention the skilled and multilingual workforce available on the market, the appealing taxation regime, and the possibility of starting a business with no complicated formalities, and therefore, fast incorporation. The real estate sector, the agriculture, manufacturing, and the FMCG sector are quite thriving in Portugal and excellent choices for international investors. Here are some numbers, facts, and statistics about the business direction in Portugal:

  • • Around EUR 135,777 million was the total FDI stock for Portugal in 2018;
  • • According to the 2020 Doing Business report offered by the World Bank, Portugal ranks 39th out of 190 economies in the world;
  • • Entrepreneurs who invest at least EUR 250,000 in existing companies in Portugal can obtain citizenship;
  • • The “Startup Visa Programme” address to foreign investors wanting to open companies in Portugal.

If you would like to know more about how to open a shop in Portugal, feel free to contact our company formation agents in Portugal.