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Accounting Services in Portugal

Accounting Services in Portugal

A good accountant in Portugal is vital for any successful business. The tax advisor in Portugalhelps you hold the record of transactions, manage your documents, and develop your company. All the accounting services give an entrepreneur the basis for the analysis of the business trajectory and further decisions. Our company formation agents in Portugal can help you register a company in Portugal at any time provide you with complete accounting services.

 Quick Facts  
Who requires accounting services in Portugal

Companies with commercial activities in Portugal

Applicable accounting legislation

– Portuguese Accounting Standards

– International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Types of accounting services we offer

– bookkeeping,

– payroll,

– annual financial statements,

– tax returns,

– debt monitoring

Tax advice and compliance (YES/NO) Yes
We offer support for tax registration


Financial planning for company owners On request
Risk assessment and evaluation

On request

Types of audit services

– internal,

– external,

– financial,

– compliance,

– operational

Tax minimization methods available

– tax credit planning,

– charities,

– retirement plans,

– selling investments that lost their value

Personalized financial consultancy services On request
Investment consultancy for high-net-worth individuals

Dedicated plans on request

Financial and analysis reports for companies

If solicited

Human resources services available (YES/NO)


Expertise provided by certified accountants (YES/NO)


Free case evaluation for companies (YES/NO)


Types of HR services 

 – staff recruitment,

– human resources administration,

– preparation and registration of work contracts, and new employees

Services of a CPA in Portugal 

– debt monitoring,

– preparation of tax returns,

– payroll,

– bookkeeping, and many more 

Is debt monitoring a part of an accounting package? 

Yes, our qualified accountant in Portugal can provide useful insights into debt management perspectives and related strategies. 

Follow-up and analysis  Provided by our Portuguese accountants through varied reports after specific audits in the firm 

Our accountants in Portugal can use certain data to issue different financial reports.

Specific recommendations referring to sustainable business operations can be proposed for the company management.  

What is source usage? 

Internal business resources can be verified and then specific business solutions can be proposed to raise efficiency from a financial point of view in the company. 

Bank payments 

Daily payments in the company can be managed by our accountants. 

Inventory management 

We use dedicated data and platforms to correctly track the assets in the firm for future audits. 

Accounting services for startups in Portugal 

Dedicated accounting services for individuals wanting to register startups in Portugal 

Support for tax inspections (YES/NO)  YES 
Preparing monthly and quarterly VAT declarations (YES/NO) 


Year-end closing approvals and books 

Our accountants in Portugal can close and sign the accounting books of the company at the end of the tax year. 

Tax year in Portugal 

Runs from 1st of January to 31st of December 

Benefits of outsourced accounting services 

– affordable prices compared to having a whole accounting department,

– personalized services,

– optimal solutions 

Why work with our accountants in Portugal? 

– customized accounting services,

– experience,

– professionalism 

What is covered by accounting services in Portugal?

Since the very beginning, when forming a company in Portugal, you will need as well to keep the record of the profits and losses of the company and to fill several reports annually. This would be only one example, followed by many others, of what an accounting service can do for you. 

The problem of tax planning and compliance is another issue in which you need to use the services of our accountants in Portugal, for a newly incorporated company. Most of the accounting activities are regular, such as: billing, bank account management and contract management. This constitutes a strong reason for which good accounting services in Portugal are needed, in order to serve in the administration of your business. The professionality of the service is vital and you must choose an accounting service which is transparent and correct. Otherwise, the growth strategies of your recently opened business in Portugal could be delayed or even endangered.

An international legal entity opening a company in Portugal for the first time might encounter several differences in the mandatory legal requirements stipulated by law. Our accountants in Portugal will help you in adapting or extending the business to the new legal context and will provide audit. Here is an infographic with extra details prepared by our tax advisor in Portugal:


Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping refers to the verification and control of payable and receivable accounts of a company with activities in Portugal. Besides these, the cash management, banking operations, the issuance of invoices, and effecting payroll are part of essential bookkeeping services. It is important to note that all the financial activities and records of a company in Portugal enter the attention of an accountant, alongside petty cash books, journals, income statements, daybooks, and many more. If you would like to know more about the bookkeeping services we can offer for your company, please do not hesitate to talk to our specialists. Our team of accountants in Portugal is at your disposal from the beginning of your company.

Payroll services in Portugal – What you need to know

Another important aspect of accounting rules and regulations refer to the payroll services. The distribution of electronic payroll records, payroll tax calculations, salary calculation are part of the payroll services offered by our accountants in Portugal. There are numerous companies in Portugal that benefit from the services of an accounting firm.

These are externalized services that come with a series of benefits and often the choice of company owners who do not want to create an accounting department. Domestic and foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Portugal should contact us for complete support and guidance. Our tax advisor in Portugal can handle the registration process of companies in Portugal and we can also provide complete accounting services. Find below a video presentation about the services we offer:

Do I need tax minimization solutions for my company in Portugal?

Yes, if you would like to cut the amount of taxes in the company, you might be interested in a series of tax minimization tools offered by our accountants in Portugal. For instance, paying the credits in advance might be a suitable option, or creating a charity. Having a retirement plan can also be an excellent option and part of the tax minimization solutions for your firm in Portugal. Our  tax advisor in Portugal will attentively analyze the financial status in the firm and then propose a few tax minimization tools, suitable for your business. We are at your disposal if you need help in this direction.

FAQ about accounting in Portugal

1. Should I choose externalized accounting services in Portugal?

Yes, hiring an accounting firm for your company in Portugal is a great option if you are looking for professional and transparent services. All the financial aspects of the firm can be properly and correctly handled by a team of experienced accountants in Portugal

2. Can I receive payroll and bookkeeping services for my company in Portugal?

Yes, payroll and bookkeeping services are important aspects part of general accounting matters. We mention that our team of accountants in Portugal respect the local and general accounting rules.

3. Can I get help with tax registration and compliance in Portugal?

Yes, our team of advisors can help you register the company for tax purposes in Portugal. Then, all the tax calculations and related aspects will enter the attention of our consultants with experience in this important area.

4. Are annual financial statements important?

Yes, the annual financial statements must be submitted to the entitled authorities in charge of company verification in this sector. Such documents are extremely important and comprise all the financial information of your firm in Portugal.

5. How do I choose an experienced tax advisor in Portugal?

An experienced accountant in Portugal needs to be a Certified Public Accountant, and such information is normally provided by the Portuguese Chartered Accountants Association (OCC) that has more than 69,000 members, among which, our advisors too. OCC is part of prestigious local and international associations and agencies in the accounting field.

What to consider when choosing the accounting services in Portugal

First check the testimonials of the accountant’s clients that you want to work with. Further on you can check at the relevant institutions whether your accountant is chartered or certified. It is also a central aspect to look for an accountant that is proactive, who keeps you informed on the changes in legislation which are important for your business. Our accountants in Portugal use good accounting computer programs, for more efficient bookkeeping and tax planning.

Making investments in Portugal

Without any questions, Portugal is a great business choice for local and international entrepreneurs who want to generate money in this part of Europe. With great port openings to the Atlantic Ocean for business and commercial affairs, Portugal is quite interested in the eyes of entrepreneurs of any kind. We have gathered some facts and figures about the economy in Portugal that you might find it useful:

  • the latest figures show that the total FDI stock for 2019 in Portugal was of around USD 161,6 billion;
  • the 2020 Doing Business report issued by the World Bank ranks Portugal 39th out of 190 economies in the world;
  • Luxembourg, Spain, UK, and the Netherlands are the main investors in Portugal;
  • about 6,100 new jobs were created in 2018 in Portugal, due to a series of FDI business projects.

Types of financial companies in Portugal

Instead of banking activities, entrepreneurs from overseas can decide on several types of financial operations linked to the brokerage and insurance companies, or even financial counseling services provided to firms in Portugal. Mortgage companies, investment banks, credit companies, and loan associations are also suitable business options for those entrepreneurs looking to incorporate a company in the financial sector in Portugal.

What are the conditions for opening a financial company in Portugal?

A financial business in Portugal may operate on the market under the regulations of a limited liability company, one of the preferred structures that suits the needs of the foreign investors. Here are a few of the requirements of a financial company in Portugal that should be in the attention of businessmen looking to set up such firm:

  • the financial companies must respect the rules of the National Bank of Portugal (Banco de Portugal);
  • a business license for financial operations is issued by the Securities Market Commission in Portugal;
  • for financial activities on the internet (online banking for example) you must register the website you wish to activate;
  • the registration for tax purposes is also a mandatory condition.

Can I establish a partnership for opening a financial company?

Yes, a financial firm in Portugal can be registered as a partnership if two or more members decide on this form of business. The liability in the company depends on the personal assets which can be used in the case of debts in the firm.

Companies that provide business consultancy services

Business consulting in Portugal is often used in conjunction with other consulting services lie accounting, auditing or advertising. Our team of lawyers in Portugal can also help you with legal services and consulting services o identify the legal issues that may appear in your corporation. Our attorneys can also help you identify any possible liabilities or perform the necessary company due diligence steps before entering into any contractual relations.

Investors in Portugal who want to start they own business consulting company can do so by either working as a sole trader or by opening a company in Portugal. The business consulting market in the country offers various opportunities for development and consultants are employed both by local and international companies or branches in Portugal.

Our accountants in Portugal are willing to help you choose the most suitable financial services for your business taking into consideration the number of your employees and the specific requirements of your company, so don’t hesitate to contact us.