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Set up an Amazon Store in Portugal

Set up an Amazon Store in Portugal

Expanding a business through different channels and methods in Portugal should also involve opening an Amazon store. This is considered the largest online shopping mall which addresses both customers and sellers. If your business plans include setting up a shop on Amazon, we mention that our specialists in company formation in Portugal are at your disposal with information and assistance.

Amazon in numbers

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform established in the USA and found in numerous countries worldwide through representative offices. At the moment, there are around 300 account sellers, but the number grows daily, as there are many entrepreneurs who want to sell their goods and services worldwide. Still speaking of numbers, there have been registered profits of about $316 billion in 2016 for Amazon, but the revenues are even bigger for 2017 according to financial experts.

If at the beginning it only addressed to the selling of electronic goods/ services, and later cloud computing, Amazon is now home to varied products, including clothing, jewelry and even grocery. Our team of company formation agents in Portugal can explain how you can set up an Amazon shop linked to your activities.

Conditions to set up an Amazon store in Portugal

As the main requirement to open an Amazon store, we mention that a limited liability company registration should be considered, in order to legally start the activities online. This is the most popular type of business in Portugal and can be created by at least two shareholders having a minimum share capital of EUR 5,000. The company incorporation process in Portugal is easy and can be done within a few days and with less bureaucracy. Having an Amazon shop means issuing invoices for customers, therefore, if you do not have a legal entity registered, you can ask support from our team of advisors to open an LLC.

Payment methods for your Amazon shop in Portugal

As for any kind of website, clients need to have a few payment methods at disposal, in order to properly purchase the chosen items. Two of the main payment methods widely used are PayPal and the merchant accountPayPal is a respected and trustful payment method which allows clients to pay the products through a secured platform linked to a bank account. The merchant account can be set up when registering your business in Portugal, in order to permit customers to pay with the help of credit or debit cards issued by any kinds of banks worldwide. An Amazon shop has a well-developed platform that lets clients see the price in their own currencies.

Looking for a team of accountants in Portugal for the company you own? You have the support of our specialists at your fingertips for a series of necessary procedures. Thus, you can benefit from payroll services, audits, bookkeeping, tax registration, debt monitoring, tax returns and many more. Company owners can also benefit from financial planning and risk assessment and evaluation. Contact us for a personalized offer if you are interested in our services.

The reasons why you should set up an Amazon store in Portugal

As an extension of your business in Portugal, an Amazon shop can be the proper solution if you want to introduce your goods and services on an international market. Having an Amazon store will require a storage place and also skilled workforce who must take care of each step of the orders, starting with verifying it on the platform and ending with the shipment. Entrepreneurs from abroad choose Portugal for business also for a favorable taxation system and many incentives that address to the foreign investment sector.

If you want to set up an Amazon store in Portugal, we invite you to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Portugal.